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Learn more about the cost to move

Moving may not be fun, but as someone who has moved five times in the last five years.  As such, you must be aware of all the costs that come with-moving.

Below, I will discuss the most prominent expenses that come with hiring movers, as well as any-DIY-moving job. Later on, I will throw in some handy tips for making your move go as smooth as possible.


Moving Costs

According to our moving cost estimator, it costs $608 to hire professional movers. Of course, this price will largely depend on the moving company you hire, how far you are moving, how many boxes you are bringing as well as time of day and month.

Many people, if they are moving from apartment to apartment, forgo movers and just handle all the heavy lifting themselves. Even so, expect to pay at least $200 for moving supplies, your truck rental and gas.

Moving Factors

There are many factors that go into that $608 price tag. Knowing each one, as well as a few tricks, could save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Distance to Move/Time to Move

Many moving companies charge by distance and/or the time it takes to complete the job. Unsurprisingly, the farther you move, the longer it will take and the higher your overall moving bill will be.

Before calling a professional moving company, make sure you know exactly how far away your new-address-is. Then, determine the best time of day to move so you can avoid heavy traffic. Think of it as sitting in a cab in traffic, but the fare is probably over $100/hour.

While most companies do charge by distance and time, others charge a flat rate or by weight. Some may even offer inclusive moving packages that include services like packing, loading and transportation of boxes.

If you are moving across the state, a company with a flat rate is the way to go. If you are moving close by, try to find movers that charge by the hour. To help locate a mover near you, check out our friends at Unpakt.


Items to Move

Along with distance, the number of items you are moving will largely affect the total time it takes to move and as a result, total cost. If you are not going far, I highly suggest you move as many items as possible before the big day. This will not only make your life and your mover’s lives easier, but could save you hundreds in the process.

If you are moving to a different state or country, some moving companies will charge based on the weight of your items. Additionally, they take physical space occupied in the truck into the formula. If you’re moving service charges by space, try cramming as many items into as little space as possible.

Moving Supplies

Whether you reserve moving services or not, you will have to pay for moving supplies. If you look hard enough, there are plenty of locations to grab free moving boxes, but if you want to simplify the process, just head to your nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s.

If you are purchasing moving supplies yourself, be sure to grab boxes, tape, newspapers, labels and markers. While this cost is certainly a small piece of the pie, it does add to overall moving cost.



One aspect of moving that many homeowners and renters overlook is insurance. No matter how much experience your moving company has, accidents do happen and you must be prepared. So while it may seem like an extra $50 is not worth the cost, just know that if no insurance is included, you could lose $500 to that broken dresser.

When you hire movers, make sure you know exactly how big the insurance policy is. If it is not up to your standards, try to negotiate. If they don’t come down to a level you are comfortable with, walk away! There are other, cheap moving companies ready for your business.

Other Costs Involved with Moving

All costs above revolve around moving day, but there other expenses that pop up over the course of the moving process.

Waste Removal

Fortunately, many homeowners or renters will not need professional waste removal services, but for larger moves, it may come in handy. According to our waste removal cost estimator, most homeowners spend $262 on waste removal. You can consider a handyman for the job or hire a licensed contractor. Expect to pay at least $10 per hour for a private worker and at least $15 per hour for a professional.



This largely relates to those of you renting, but some sales contracts do add in contingencies on cleaning the property. While a little elbow grease never hurt anyone, oftentimes, the homeowner, renter or landlord hires a professional maid service. While the average cost is only $155, it does add to the overall cost of moving.

Believe it or not, this kind of help isn’t limited to the extremely affluent. Many people rely on maids to keep their homes clean when they can’t manage it themselves.

Simple Moving Tips

Even if you do hire movers, there are easy and simple ways to make your move go as smooth as possible. They include:

  1. Pack essentials in a small bag for the day of the move.
  2. Use different tape colors for boxes that go in each room.
  3. Pack materials and protect your glasses and stemware by sliding each one into a clean sock.
  4. Use available luggage to wheel heavy items.
  5. Take photos of your old and new place in case anything gets damaged.
  6. Use a garbage bag for clothes hanging in the closet. Rather than removing from the shelf, just wrap them as they hang.

Great Bedroom Decorratuion Ideas For Girly of Girls

Every parent wants to make their little girl feel like a princess. They deserve a place that is all reflecting, unique personality and interests.

A space where they can explore their creativity, learn and grow. Their bedrooms are a place to do just that.

When it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom, you may be stumped. What if her interests change? What sort of space will she need? How do in incorporate her ideas into the overall scheme of the household? If any of these questions have resonated with you, fear not. We’re here to share a few girl’s bedroom ideas that are sure to create a space she will enjoy for years to come.

Are you ready to start painting your child’s bedroom? Contact a pro todayfor up to four free quotes from painters in your area.

Decorating With Your Child

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, view it as a chance to bond with your daughter. This is an opportunity to let her creativity shine and allow her to express herself. After all, she will be spending the most time in this room. However, help guide her choices to best meet the needs of the home. For example, when I was a girl, my dream was to paint my bedroom lime green. Yikes! My parents worked with me to find a mutual compromise by using the bright color I loved in accessories throughout the room. They were happy with the final product and I had the bedroom of my dreams. Remember that compromise is possible between you and your child.

As a parent, you also are aware of how they will be growing and changing. Space for a dollhouse may not be needed as your daughter reaches high school. Consider this as you work together to plan for the new bedroom décor.

Girls Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing the perfect bedroom furniture, you want to look for function and quality. While you can easily buy a standard bed, there are many modern options that have unique storage features. Consider a bed with drawers in the frame for shoes or toys. Or, for a smaller room, a loft bed is the perfect way to create more useable space for a desk or a play set.

Also, keep in mind furniture options that she will have use for as she grows, like dressers or added shelving. Little girls may not need all the space yet, but a teen girl’s closet might be needing more storage if she’s a frequent mall visitor!

Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

For a girl in elementary school or early middle school, they are looking for space to play! Incorporate areas for toy storage or shelving to display her prized possessions. Utilize bedding and curtains to add color to the room, which can be changed out as she gets older.

Safety should always be a priority in little girls’ rooms.  Be sure to keep everything low to the ground and in reach, so you avoid any falling object accidents. If there are shelves above her head, include stools to help her reach higher places carefully.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenagers will likely desire to be an active part of the bedroom décor planning, incorporating their favorite trends in to the mix. String lights and gallery wall photo collages are very trendy right now and a versatile décor option.

If possible, make space for homework and projects with a desk or study space. Try to keep distractions in this area at minimal if possible, so she is able to focus on the task at hand. Another space she may need is an area to get ready. A small mirror and table will allow her space to store makeup or accessories to get ready for the day.

Bedroom decorating is always easier if you have a theme in mind! Here are a few girl’s bedroom themes to get you thinking about what you can include in your girl’s room.

Black & White Décor

For a timeless bedroom look, that will surely grow with her, a black and white bedroom is the perfect fit. To add color, choose bedding and wall décor with unique patterns or bright colors. These can easily be changed if at some point her interests change. Pink and purple make for great accent colors in a black and white room to really make the décor pop.

Princess Décor

For younger girls, a princess themed bedroom is sure to enchant them. Pastels, glitter and frills is what this room calls for. To give the room a royal treatment, try hanging a canopy over the bed and multiple mirrors as wall décor.

Floral Patterns

Nothing says “girls room” like floral décor. But don’t confuse it old and outdated patterns. There are many bright and modern floral designs that your daughter will love. For a vintage look, choose smaller floral patterns and consider a decorative wallpaper. For a contemporary look, find big floral patterns in pink, orange and yellow.

Bold & Beautiful

It’s possible to paint in a bold color and enjoy it! With the proper accessories and right color, your daughter can have a stylish room that she will enjoy. In fact, a bold paint can even help brighten your home. A turquoise or purple can fashionably add color to a room without sacrificing style. If painting an entire room might seem too extreme, try an accent wall featuring one bold color.

Boho & Whimsical

Teenage girls absolutely love this theme because they have the ability to mix and match without clashing. For room color, choose a lighter yellow or green color. Unique light fixtures are key here to really style the space. Incorporate accents of red, gold and purple in curtains and bedding. Have her choose artwork and wall decorations to really complete the look.